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Welcome to nb_designs, the graphic freebie community of nobodysbusiness. This is not a free requesting community, rather I will post what I will make and how many. I offer a wide variety of graphics, including but not limited to icons, banners, glitter names, and blinkies.

This is not an open membership community, so when you click the link to join the community, a request will be emailed to me and I will approve or deny your request. Chances are if you credit your graphics and are not a member of any graphic theft communities, you will be accepted.

Why was my membership declined?

-You have no credit for your icons/other graphics (if you made your own graphics, you should credit yourself!)
-You have no icons/other graphics uploaded
-You are a known graphic thief
-You are a member of one or more 'graphic theft' communities
-Your journal is not active

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1. You must credit nobodysbusiness and/or nb_designs for any freebie you receive from here. Credit for icons should go in the icon keywords. Credit for all other graphics should go in your userinfo. If you have a separate credit journal you MUST let me know when picking up your graphic.

2. Anything requested from here MUST get used for at least a week. What's the point of requesting if you aren't going to use the graphic?

3. No direct linking! You must save everything to your own server.

4. In order to give more people a chance to request, you cannot request back-to-back freebies. When you request a freebie, you cannot request the next one.

5. You cannot request graphics for anyone except you. If your friend likes my graphics, he/she must request to join.

6. No saving spots. It's not fair to the rest of the members, plus it is just annoying.

7. Please be patient. It may take several days for me to complete a freebie. Do not contact me asking 'when is my freebie going to be done?'

8. My graphics are for LiveJournal only. I don't want to see my work on GreatestJournal, MySpace, etc.

9. Pick up all requests in a timely fashion. I generally keep all graphics on my server for roughly a week, then they are deleted. Once they are removed from my server, that's it. You will receive a warning for not picking up graphics since it is considered unuse. If for some reason you will be unable to pick up your requests within a week, please email me. (nobodysbusiness[at]livejournal.com)

10. NO DRAMA. If you start it, you will be banned. If you participate in it, you will be banned.

11. If you delete your journal, I will remove you from the community. If you decide to undelete your journal, you will need to rerequest to join to get back in the community.

12. Only one username per person in the community. Anyone caught requesting under multiple usernames will have all of their known journals banned from the community. If you are switching journals, you must leave the community under your old journal and rerequest to join under your new name.

This community operates on a three-strike system (i.e. you will get two warnings and then you're banned). Rules are subject to change at any time. You are NOT required to watch the community, although it is recommended so you stay up-to-date on what's going on here.

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None yet. If you would like to affiliate, send me an email. nobodysbusiness @ livejournal.com

Link This Community: Image hosted by TinyPic.com

*All brushes/textures/glitters/gradients credited in userinfo of nobodysgraphics.